Last Stand

The final shot had shattered his shoulder, making his arm useless. Involuntary his fist clenched around the handle of his chainsword, revving the weapon as it hit the ground, kicking up bits of debris. Sparks flew out as the blade bucked up against the ancient metal pillar, its tough exterior making the weapon spit teeth from its length.

The readouts in his augmented eye told him one of his hearts had already stopped, the other fading fast. He had seconds before he expired but still his resolve enabled him to bend his inhuman will power into raising his weapon one last time.

He attempted to utter a prayer to his Primarch and Emperor, but the words could not be forced out. Instead he squeezed out a shot at the enemy that went wide, his aim compromised due to his injuries. He blinked clarity into his blurred vision and mustered the last of his strength. An inhuman shout tore from his lips as his bolt pistol barked it’s cleansing fire one last time.

He knew he hit something but his body was spent, his vision blurred to uselessness as his last breaths escaped his lips. His last gasp stolen from him as another projectile blew half of his cranium apart, brain matter and slivers of skull bouncing off the pillar behind him.

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