Inquisitor Einala Olphes

Inquisitor Einala Olphes is not a believer in mankind as a species. Too many times has she seen the depravity and corruption of her species. No matter how many of the unpure are put to the holy Emperor’s sword or cleansed with righteous bolter there are ten more, one hundred more, one thousand more, one million more to hold to the Emperor’s light.

For these reasons the Inquisitor does not put stock in human followers for her retinue. She needs dependable devotees to help her carry out the divine Emperor’s justice.

Unable to rely on fallible flesh the Inquisitor puts her trust in the mechanical and the cold calculating pureness of plasteel and ceramite to perform her duties under the Emperor’s brilliance.

Little do her masters know of her dark secret, the use of forbidden artificial intelligence powering her vassals. It is a small price to pay for destroying the unclean, the witch and the heretic.

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